European Championships
Blackpool 15th - 16th April
Congratulations to SHDC trained couples competed at this big event. In particular to:
Michael & Nika (Amateur Ballroom - 13th)
Matt & Kayleigh (Under 19's Ballroom - Semi Final)
Kieran & Josie (Under 19's Ballroom - Quarter Final)

Celebrating 25 years
This year it will be 25 years since we setup our dance school in Dorking.

When we started out it was just a minor addition to our busy lives in industry, John as an IT consulant and Linda as a PA, plus our own competitive dancing, at this time in the professional ranks. Little were we to know that 12 years later, it would become our full time occupation and would grow to become as successful as it has done.

We will be running a celebration dance on Saturday 21st October at the Riddell Memorial Hall, Walton on the Hill.
More details soon!
See our Partners Wanted page for details of all dancers connected with SHDC who are looking for a partner.

Partnership splits:
Fionn Nolan & Issy Dulan
- Fionn is looking for a good Junior partner.
Matt Duffin & Kayleigh Andrews
- Matt is looking for a good Youth partner.

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